Search the Net: THUNDERSTONE's WebTV Source Viewer SearchCool Links Web Design Multimedia Sound Personal Web Pgs Web Clip Art Almost A Newsletter Free Content Free Offers Free Ezines Boogie Jack's Web Depot Adding Text to Blank Banners This tutorial will show you how to add text to a blank banner using HTML only, no graphics editor involved. It will also work for buttons. Using HTML only, of course, restricts the fonts you can use to those commonly installed on most computers. How It Works The way it works is to create a table around the graphic, and use the banner (or button) as the background. To do this, you'll first have to know the dimensions of the graphic. If you don't have a graphics program that shows the size, you can view the image with a browser and right click on it, then choose the 'Properties' option from the pop up menu. In the next pop up, among the information listed will be the size of the graphic. Here's a sample of a banner using HTML for the text: Boogie Jack This trick, when used with buttons, can make for extremely fast loading web pages since only one graphic is used. Great for sites with several buttons. Here's how it's accomplished... The Code
Points to Note A graphic's dimensions are listed as width first and height second (as reported by a browser). The table width and height should be set the same as the dimensions of the graphic you're using for the background image. While many people know you can specify the width of a table, most don't realize you can also specify the height. As long as the content doesn't force the table larger, it will be the size you code. You need to specify a value of 0 (zero) for the cellspacing, cellpadding, and border or some browsers will cut off part of your banner image. The valign=middle attribute in the tag centers the text vertically within the table data cell. The align=center (centers) the text horizontally within the cell. Armed with your new knowledge, why not go take a look at my blank banners? As long as you agree to my simple terms, they are free to use. You'll find them right about here. Back HTML Help Index Home | Webmasters | Software | Reviews | Contests | Life's Little Goodies Humor or Something | Just For Kids | Miscellaneous | Site Search Engine Web Site Hosting | Ezines | Site Map | FAQ's | Links | Contact All content Copyright 1997 - 2000 by Boogie Jack All Rights Reserved Worldwide
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