Name:Kristin TurbervilleE-mail address:lennon4@lycos.comHomepage URL: page! I love the Beatles...keep up the great work. :) -Kristin ~All You Need Is Love~ Sunday, July 22nd 2001 - 01:34:36 PM Name:LisaE-mail address:lisa@beatlemail.comHomepage URL:http://Beatles66.tripod.comComments:Love the latest work you've done on your site! Looks fab too :-) Wednesday, July 18th 2001 - 09:10:24 PM Name:popmanHomepage URL: all Beatles fans!! Has anyone heard they're re- releasing A Hard Day's Night on DVD and VHS and in theatres come January 2001? It's got new scenes along with all the classics. (Ringo really was a fantastic actor wasn't he?) The filmmakers have also launched a website that describes the movie better than ever, you've gotta check this out! Friday, December 22nd 2000 - 03:35:09 PM Name:CHIS MARTINE-mail address:www.cifomann@yahoo.comComments:your site is great. thanks. Tuesday, November 14th 2000 - 12:39:35 AM Name:LisaE-mail address:lk@vavo.comComments:Fabulous FREE give away of a Rare piece of Beatles art work to the album REEL MUSIC - worth over 1000 simply visit Monday, June 19th 2000 - 01:22:51 AM Name:PeterE-mail address:werty779@HOTMAIL.COMComments:Keep up the good work john lenon is gear 'from peter liverpool Tuesday, April 11th 2000 - 09:59:08 PM Name:Max LeonelliE-mail address:maxleonelli@hotmail.comHomepage URL: everybody! How sweet it is to see that there's so many people, all over the world, loving the FAB4 as I do and I always will. Thanks for keeping their name higher and higher. Max Leonelli, Rome (Italy) Monday, April 3rd 2000 - 01:32:23 AM Name:LisaE-mail address:Beatles66@webtv.netHomepage URL: Mark, I think your pages are awesome!!! Your hard work really shows too. Keep up the excellent work you are doing. I'll be back often. Lisa Lisa's Groovy Beatles Site :) Sunday, March 26th 2000 - 05:42:48 AM Name:FoxyE-mail address:foxy@brunnet.netHomepage URL:, Great Site! I've enjoyed my time browsing through. Stop on over to my place sometime. Friendly Smiles, Foxy Saturday, March 25th 2000 - 05:29:11 PM Name:JeannieE-mail address:fab4grl@mindspring.comHomepage URL: page, Mark! Keep up the good work. Thanks for signing my guestbook - thought I'd come over here and check out your page. :-) Monday, March 20th 2000 - 10:27:05 PM Name:AmyE-mail address:strawberryfields@draac.comHomepage URL: Site Mark! Keep up the good work. If you would like to trade links, e mail me and we can swap banners. :-) ~*~*~Amy~*~*~ Sign=Veiw Guestbook
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