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The Beatles arguably the bes" +"t group in the history of popular music, the music" +"al appeal of the Beatles has spanned more than thi" +"rty years. Over the course of seven years during t" +"he 1960s, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harr" +"ison, and Ringo Starr changed the face of the rock" +" and roll world. Formed in 1957 in Liverpool, Engl" +"and, the band began as a skiffle group called the " +"Quarry Men fronted by John Lennon. It was that yea" +"r that Paul McCartney was introduced to Lennon at " +"a Quarry Men gig. After a little audition consisti" +"ng of 'Twenty Flight Rock' and 'Long Tall Sally,'M" +"cCartney was asked to join the band. The next year" +", George Harrison, a friend of Paul, joined the gr" +"oup. In 1960, John's art school friend, Stu Sutcli" +"ffe became the band's bass player and Pete Best jo" +"ined as the drummer. Over the course of three year" +"s, the Quarry Men went through a number of name ch" +"anges, but in 1960, the group finally settled on a" +" name - the Beatles. The name was a tribute to Bud" +"dy Holly's Cricketts.The Beatles then headed to Ha" +"mburg, West Germany, where they played all-night s" +"ets in a number of seedy clubs. For three months, " +"the group began to form an energetic stage perform" +"ances of American rock and roll covers (with the h" +"elp of amphetamines). Harrison, McCartney and Best" +" were soon deported - George for being underage an" +"d Paul and Pete for setting fire to their apartmen" +"t. John followed the band home, but Stu stayed beh" +"ind with his German girlfriend Astrid Kirschherr, " +"who helped create the famous Beatles haircut.Stu d" +"ied of a brain hemorrhage in 1962. The style the B" +"eatles picked up in Germany became a big hit back " +"home in Liverpool. The group soon became a leader " +"in the city's 'beat' music scene. Once George came" +" of legal age, the Beatles returned to Hamburg for" +" another stint. It was during this time that they " +"served as the back-up group for singer Tony Sherid" +"an.{A" +"rticle continued}
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